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Eternal Life Bereavement Services (ELBS) is a pure Christian and Roman Catholic Funeral Service Company located at 38 Sin Ming Drive #01-523 Sin Ming Industrial Estate Singapore 575712.

Eternal Life Bereavement Services is branched out from Hock Hin Undertaker to exclusively serve the Christian and Roman Catholic community in Singapore, Eternal Life Bereavement Services has done its original founder Mr Tee Hock Chwee proud.

With 20 over years of experience in conducting funerals for fellow Christians and Catholics, Eternal Life Bereavement Services has garnered the necessary expertise to serve the people. In fact, word-of-mouth referrals often quote the company as being honest, caring and professional.

At Eternal Life Bereavement Services, we strive to serve the Singaporean community by living out the bible verse of Colossians 3:

Be compassionate, kind, humble, gentle and patient…and in everything work as though working for the Lord"

Eternal Life Bereavement Services strongly believe that funerals, being a once in a lifetime event are important as they help mark the passage to Eternal Life for the dearly departed, while at the same time provides closure for the existing loved family members.

Hence, it is only our duty to help conduct the funeral with our utmost dedication and care to ensure that the last send-off is as dignified and memorable as it should be.

Company Mission
To Glorify God by Serving Others During Times Of Need

Company Vision
To provide affordable and genuine funeral services in a Christian Way

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Funeral Services are done to commemorate the well-lived life of someone dear to you. As such, when deciding on how the funeral services should be, bear in mind to always put the dearly departed's wishes first.

A funeral is a once in a lifetime event and must be done with the utmost care and dignity. The many aspects of a funeral can make coordination daunting especially in emotional periods of loss. This is why it is important to have your trusted Funeral Director by you to help you with the planning of the funeral to help ease your burden in trialing times like this.

At Eternal Life Bereavement Services, we strongly believe that short response time and commitment are paramount for the funeral services to be successful. The experience garnered over time to conduct funeral services are doubtless to say invaluable in contributing to its success rate as well. Coupled with all these factors, love and care are the two most important ingredient for the achievement of a memorable funeral service.


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