Catholic Funeral Packages

The Benefits of  Catholic Funeral Packages

To any Catholic, having the appropriate funeral procedure based on the Canon Law is very important. This means that facets including the Vigil, Funeral Liturgy, and the Committal should be present. Despite the fact that the Church you belong to may provide lay support groups to guide your family throughout this arduous and emotional process, availing Catholic Funeral Packages, and being guided by an actual funeral service director will help a lot in making sure that the funeral takes place as smoothly as possible.

With the various available Catholic Funeral Packages, there are a lot of options for you to choose from, depending on your actual needs. Budget may also be a vital factor; though, with the availability of options, there will always be a package that will meet your budget and requirements. You may want to specify the flowers that will be used, transportation for the relatives, essentials for the wake, and other requirements.

All you have to do is to select from the different Catholic Funeral Packages options, clearly stating the inclusions. The prices may vary, depending on what you need, the number of days for the wake, and several other factors that you may want to add. The packages are generally priced reasonably, making sure that everything is covered along the way.

What We Offer

Eternal Life Bereavement Services can assist you with all of the things required as you go through the entire process. By availing of a package, you can be assured that all the needed details will be given attention, thus removing this part of the process from your list of worries. This is very important because, at the time of grieving, you may not be able to think according to the needs of the time. With professionals to help you out, a funeral service can be performed with honor and dignity.

With several years of experience in this field, you can be assured that we are knowledgeable when it comes to the requirements and demands of different Catholic families in this crucial time. Our staff are also well trained, patient and attentive. A caring attitude is simply what you need at this time. This is also one of the reasons why our company receives commendations from previous clients.

We also make sure of transparency when it comes to our practices, never resorting to any potential unethical practices, with our without the knowledge of our clients. Among these unlikely practices include the bait and switch, as well as offering low quotes, with a lot of hidden charges from within. At Eternal Life Bereavement Services, we believe that everybody deserves to have a well-dignified funeral service. As such, these carefully crafted Catholic Funeral Packages will make sure that your loved one can experience that, regardless of your actual budget.

We understand that losing someone to death is one of the most traumatic experience any person can have. While the pain may not be erased, we are here to help you with the funeral services.

 Catholic Funeral Packages

Roman Catholic Funeral Packages

Eternal Life Bereavement Services believes in reasonable pricing for our clientele during this time of grief. As such, we have tailored packages of different costs, starting from only S$2,980. The services offered in our packages are chosen to ensure that the funeral is complete and satisfactory for our clientele and their friends and families. Prices are guaranteed to be competitive.

Our packages typically include:

  • A Funeral Director and staff on duty 24/7 to respond to requests/queries
  • A Premium Half-Glass, Wooden Casket or Coffin available in either Brown or White
  • Professional Embalming (inclusive of cleansing, dressing and make-up)
  • Preparing and filing of death certificate and any necessary permits
  • A team of Pall Bearers to transport the dearly departed
  • An Enlarged Photograph with 6 Passport-Sized Photographs
  • An elegant wooden frame for housing the photograph
  • Catholic-style decoration (white cloth and drapes, backdrop)
  • Floral decorations
  • Glass Funeral Hearse
  • Air-conditioned Coach (return trip, from funeral location to crematorium/burial site)
  • Guest book to record words of comfort, bible verses and donations made
  • Mini Portable Speaker from which hymns or any preferred songs would be broadcasted
  • Coordination of service plans with the cemetery, crematory and others responsible for the final disposition of the deceased

Wanting to hold the funeral at a void deck?

You would probably need a canvas tentage to be set up in the vicinity in order for the funeral to be held at a void deck.

Holding wakes at void decks is a popular choice for Singaporeans as funeral parlors can sometimes be inconveniently situated for family members. Coupled with the limited amount of land in Singapore designated as parlors that translates into high occupancy rates, parlors are not always available whenever needed.

A full tentage set up costs S$1,380 for 3 days.

This makes the final cost to be $4,360 for a 3 day funeral held at the void deck, without any hidden costs.

The above package includes everything that is needed for a simple, dignified funeral.

We provide everything you need for a Christian Funeral