About Harmony Tee

Funeral Director

Harmony Tee

Funeral Director

Harmony Tee is the third generation of the Tee family who is extremely zealous in her efforts to bring her Grandfather’s company, Hock Hin Undertaker to greater heights while serving the community. Harmony Tee is currently managing Eternal Life Bereavement Services as a fellow Sister-In-Christ

Harmony Tee previously worked at Ernst and Young LLP as an auditor after graduating from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Accountancy) with Honors.

Exposed to deaths at a young age due to the very nature of her family business, she has always pondered upon the shortness of life and wanted to do something more meaningful during her temporal stay here on Earth.

A Funeral Director is an occupation that requires 100% commitment due to the very fact that family members rely on funeral directors during this period of grief and vulnerability. Harmony Tee felt that she needed to be sure this is her calling in life before taking on such a huge responsibility. After bouts of praying and receiving certain affirmations, Harmony Tee courageously took the leap of faith to enter the funeral industry, an industry that varies vastly from the previous industry she was in. Harmony Tee has never looked back ever since. In fact, she loves her job and sees it as an opportunity to minister to others during their times of need.

As with every occupation however, the start was not easy, especially in an industry that is plagued with social stigma and that is dominated by males. With her mettle and humble attitude though, she has managed to win the hearts of many. With the belief of putting God first in everything she does and of trying to rely on God for strength and guidance in the small and big issues of life, she has managed to overcome the challenges that came along the way.


 Harmony Tee

Funerals are once in a lifetime events that need to be handled precariously. Harmony Tee understands this and aims to provide a memorable and unique final send-off for all her clients. She hopes that she is able to be a source of comfort and help for the family members during this period of grief.

Most Singaporeans are still relatively unaware of what to do when it comes to advanced care planning and some are even adverse to such a concept. However, Harmony Tee sees it as paramount to plan in advance what we want for our own funerals as only we know our own preferences best and doing so helps lessen the load off our loved ones as we depart from this world. It is Harmony Tee’s hope that in time to come, the level of awareness among Singaporeans of the death industry will be heightened.

 Harmony Tee



Winston Tham 8th September 2017 at 8:16pm

Thank you Eternal Life and Harmony for the service with a personal touch. Meant alot to us.

Ruby Chow reviewed Singapore Eternal Life  — 5 star 

8 November 2017 at 11:04pm · 

Thank you Eternal Life for being with us during these last few days. We were impressed with the way Harmony, Ashwin, Mr Neo and the rest of the staff handled the wake and funeral needs of my mother-in-law. And not only us. Guests who came to pay their respects at the funeral today were equally impressed. Very experienced in Catholic funeral arrangements and tended to every need before we can ask or even think of. Working in this line is one of the toughest jobs you can find yourself in. Know that you are doing a great job guys. God bless each and everyone of you. We will have no qualms about recommending your casket services.

Bryan Chua reviewed Singapore Eternal Life — 5 star

28 July 2017

Harmony and Ashwin did a fantastic job organizing the whole wake and catered to our requests. They were prompt in their response and were present throughout the wake, even though they did not have to be. The intricacies of the proceedings were all planned out by them, which made things easily for my family while we were grieving. We sincerely thank both of them for their professionalism and excellent service.

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