Free Thinker Funeral

What is a Free Thinker Funeral?

A Non Religious or non-believer’s funeral or what is commonly called Free Thinker Funeral is very different from religious funerals in Singapore like Buddhist or Taoist. However, the two types definitely involve grieving, and this is because of the emotions attached to losing someone. Here are some of the things you should do when pre arranging Free Thinker Funeral package with Funeral Parlour (Sin Ming Parlour).

Always Spare Time to Involve Family Members

The family of a free thinker should be involved in the funeral arrangements. Therefore even if the person died while living away from the family members, it is important for the family members to be alerted about the death of their relatives. This is normality even with the funeral arrangements of the Christian believers. Nothing should be done without the involvement of the family members unless they are unknown and in case the family members are unknown there is always a process of tracing someone’s relatives if the person had registration documents.

Setup Funeral Date and Days to Make Necessary Announcements 

Free Thinker Funeral date on actual day should be set and once it is determined and agreed upon it is important to put a notice of death on newspapers and other media. Therefore whenever the family is they should be reached to give details of the person so that a proper announcement is done.

Adhere to the Wishes of the Dead When Planning Free Thinker Funeral

If the person had set out his wishes on how to be buried, it is very important to follow the wishes of the dead like the choice of casket or coffin, burial or cremation. Note that this is why it is important to consult the family members. If there are no wishes that were spelt out, then you should follow the wishes of the family members. At least the parents or children of the diseased should give direction on how to go about the Free Thinker Funeral. This is the only way to show that you honour the departed.

A Free Thinker Funeral Director Should Be Consulted if Necessary

It is important to consult a Free Thinker Funeral director so that you get the right advice on how to go by the Free Thinker Funeral service.  Remember that an experienced funeral director is more knowledgeable when it comes to funeral ceremonies, and therefore you should at least consult him to give you the right direction when burying the loved one. A committee is set up just as in the other believer’s funeral service, and therefore it is important to have a funeral committee working under the funeral director.

As a Free Thinker Funeral, it is not expected that the practices of a religious funeral will be practices. Therefore it is important for the attendees to desist from praying or singing in their normal religious practices. This is a funeral of a deceased person who doesn’t believe in your beliefs and hence the best to do is not practice the religious practices. Just as stipulated above, the best you can do is respect the dead and their wishes. Therefore there shouldn’t be any religious norms in FreeThinker Funeral.

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