Christian Funeral Services

Christian Funeral Services centre on the celebration of the person’s life. According to Christian teachings, it is time someone rests before they enter eternal life. In fact, it also the anniversary of the person’s Christian faith. The ceremony will involve praying for the people’s soul. The mourners as supposed to comfort the family of the bereaved.

Cornerstone of the Christian Faith

Christians believe that once a person dies, they enter the conscious presence of the heaven. In addition, they believe in the day of resurrection. It when Jesus Christ comes to take his church to heaven.

During the day, those who died will have new glorified bodies, which as they join Jesus in the Heavens.  The pillar of the Christian faith is in the New Testament. However, not every Christian is assured of going to heaven. They must seek forgiveness for their sins, trust that Jesus is the son of God who died for their iniquities, and accept him as their saviour.

Thus the burial is a manifestation of these principles and faith.  The usual Christian Funeral Services includes:


Prayer plays a crucial role in the Christian Funeral Services. In fact, most pastors or ministers make sure to start with a prayer. During the service, family members, close friends or members of the clergy may offer prayers for the dead. It is usually a custom to prepare and write down the prayer before the service.

Afterward, all the prayers are added to the prayer book. When read, they can bring out all the emotions during the funeral. It is good to show respect by bowing and closing your eyes during the prayers.

Readings from the Scriptures

Reading from the Bible is commonplace. The pastor may do the reading or call someone from the mourners to do the readings. Also, the minister may quote from scriptures at the gravesite.


A eulogy speaks well of the diseased. It can be a summative piece on the early life, accomplishments, and deeds of the persons’ life. The tribute is published as part of the program and itinerary of the Christian Funeral Services. It serves to celebrate the memories of the deceased. Family members such as the spouse and children will come and share their most memorable moments. The eulogy can show the way in which the person acted according to their faith.

Pastoral Message

Generally, the pastor is the main coordinator of the service. They may offer their message which is in the form of a preaching to the congregation. It can feature funeral hymns that the deceased like when they were alive. The pastor will try and make the message helpful and show that the person when to a right place.


At the graveside, the pastor will read the scripture, offer prayers and invite the mourners to provide comfort to the family. However, the rituals will differ based on the denomination. The service usually ends with the minister's last words. Finally, the body is lowered, and the Christian Funeral Services ends.

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