Christian Funeral Packages

A Complete Guide to Christian Funeral Packages

Planning the funeral of a loved one is never easy especially when we are still in grieve. In order to ease some of the emotional burden, this guide on Christian Funeral Packages will help you to plan the funeral of the dearly departed.


Tips on Choosing Christian Funeral Packages

Consult the immediate family members first to get a better understanding of how the funeral should be best conducted. Remember to also check if the dearly departed has any will stating how he wants his last rites to be conducted or any insurance policy that might help cover his final expenses which would include the Christian Funeral Packages.


Start with the Right Attitude

You should begin the process by having the proper mindset. Making decisions related to the Christian Funeral Packages will not feel overwhelming if you think that it will help the family members to overcome the process of grieving. Think about something that will highlight the life of the deceased. Choose something that is respectful and dignified but make sure that it won’t be overly morbid or depressing. Aside from mourning, the theme of the funeral wake should also have a theme of joy and hope.

Choose The Most Apt Funeral Home

Before you even choose your Christian Funeral Packages, you should first choose the funeral home offers such packages. In case you are finding it hard to find a reputable funeral group, you may ask your church for their recommendations. Their staff would support and guide you through the entire process. Sometimes, they would help prepare the legal documents, choose the casket for burial or cremation, write the obituary and all elements related to the funeral wake.

Set Your Budget

Set aside a reasonable amount of money you would be willing to pay for a decent funeral package. A decent basic funeral would cost a minimum of about four thousand dollars. Work your requests and wants around the budget that is set so as to optimise the use of your money.

Things You Need to Consider For the Funeral

There are several things you need to consider when choosing among the different Christian Funeral Packages. You have to choose the person responsible for directing the funeral service; he can be a pastor,a minister or a funeral director. The place where the funeral service will be held is also a crucial part. Other things to think about would be the eulogy, special music and songs, bible verses, stories, poems, and the people who will attend or participate in the service.

Planning a funeral will not be an easy thing to do, but with the proper mindset and by choosing the most suitable Christian Funeral Packages, you will be able to avoid the hassles and stresses related to the funeral service. Finding the right funeral group to assist you will also help you walk through the different phases of arranging your loved ones' funeral. Death is an imminent part of our lives but planning with the help of the funeral group will make the process more productive. Choosing the best funeral package will also increase the possibility to save a great deal of money.

 Christian Funeral Packages

Christian Funeral Packages Pricing

Eternal Life Bereavement Services believes in reasonable and competitive pricing for our clientele during this period of grief. With over 50 years of experience and feedback, we have designed several packages tailored specially to meet the needs of different families, with prices starting only from $2,980.

The services offered in our packages are chosen to ensure that the funeral is complete and satisfactory for our clientele.

Our Christian Rose Package priced at S$2,980 includes:

  • A Funeral Director and staff on duty 24/7 to respond to requests/queries
  • A Premium Half-Glass, Wooden Casket or Coffin available in either Brown or White
  • Professional Embalming (inclusive of cleansing, dressing and make-up)
  • Preparing and filing of death certificate and any necessary permits
  • A team of Pall Bearers to transport the dearly departed
  • An Enlarged Photograph with 6 Passport-Sized Photographs
  • An elegant wooden frame for housing the photograph
  • Christian-style decoration (white cloth and drapes, backdrop)
  • Floral decorations
  • Glass Funeral Hearse
  • Air-conditioned Coach (return trip, from funeral location to crematorium/burial site)
  • Guest book to record words of comfort, bible verses and donations made
  • Mini Portable Speaker from which hymns or any preferred songs would be broadcasted
  • Coordination of service plans with the cemetery, crematory and others responsible for the final disposition of the deceased

Wanting to hold the funeral at a void deck?

You would probably need a canvas tentage to be set up in the vicinity in order for the funeral to be held at a void deck.

Holding wakes at void decks is a popular choice for Singaporeans as funeral parlors can sometimes be inconveniently situated for family members. Coupled with the limited amount of land in Singapore designated as parlors that translates into high occupancy rates, parlors are not always available whenever needed.

A full tentage set up costs S$1,380 for 3 days.

This makes the final cost to be $4,360 for a 3 day funeral held at the void deck, without any hidden costs.

The above package includes everything that is needed for a simple, dignified funeral.


"I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith" - 2 Tim 4:7 KJV


We provide everything you need for a Christian Funeral