Catholic Funeral Services

The Guide on Catholic Funeral Services

This guide will help provide you to understand the funeral rites of the Catholic Church. It will also help you create the decision that follows the pre arrangement and teachings of the church. It can help you prepare some essential notes for your own professional Catholic Funeral Services with Eternal Life Bereavement Services located at 38 Sin Ming Drive #01-523 Sin Ming Industrial Estate Singapore 575712.

A Quick Overview of Catholic Funeral Services

In case this is your first time to attend a Catholic Funeral Services in Singapore, you will be surprised on how beautiful it is. Most of them will treat this as a solemn event that celebrates the life of the deceased. This is filled with rich rituals and customs that have been cultivated for centuries. The funeral service highlights the belief of the Catholic on eternal life and that the body of the deceased during the judgment day will be resurrected. They pray and treat this as an opportunity to return the gift of life to the creator.

The Guiding Principle

While some people will normally treat death as the end of everything, most Christians believe that it is just the start of a new journey. According to the teachings of the church, God will welcome them on the eternal life. With the death of Jesus Christ our Saviour, our sins have been absolved. During the Catholic Funeral Services, the family of the deceased should communicate directly with the funeral home (funeral parlour) and the parish church. Make sure to appoint someone in the family that will establish this level of communication.

Cremation or Burial

Another important decision that you need to make on the Catholic Funeral Services package is whether to cremate or bury the remains of your loved ones just like choosing casket or coffin. The Catholic Church has revised their view on cremation, and they are currently allowing it as long as this will not contradict the belief towards eternal life. However, the church still recommends the body to be buried rather than to cremate it. Some families prefer cremation since the cost is more reasonable.

Despite of your chosen procedure, you will still need burial place during the Catholic Funeral Services. The church may recommend you to bury it on the Catholic cemetery, but you are still free to choose other types of cemetery. The cremains can also be buried, the catholic tradition states that they should not be spread on the sea, land or leave on our home. You will always have to dispose the body in a dignified manner. You can place the cremains on the columbarium which is equivalent to mausoleum.

The Mass

During the early part of the Catholic Funeral Services, you should already decide if you want a mass or not. Funeral mass are required to celebrate with the remains of the deceased. This should be a principal celebration of the funeral service. However, there are also instances that the family of the deceased will not add mass on the service especially if the deceased one has been separated from the teaching of the Church for a very long time.

After the Catholic Funeral Services, the loved ones of the departed are expected to express their love through prayers. It is also the tradition of the catholic to celebrate the event with a mass after a month (in some cases 40 days) of their loved one’s death.

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